Written Wheel by Jo Tolley

Hello and thank you for stopping by. At the core of Written Wheel is the belief that disability should be openly and honestly discussed. As someone with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, I have spent my life slowly unravelling what it means to live with a disability. Let’s be frank, riding around on wheels isn’t always a bed of roses, but it has given me a unique perspective and some epic stories to tell.

Once I had begun to accept myself – wobbles and all, I gained an unwavering drive and determination to inspire change. I’ve taken my wheel-shaped platform and I use it as a writer, public speaker and workshop designer, I’ve made it my mission to ensure everyone’s voices are heard. Since the creation of the Written Wheel blog, some amazing opportunities have come my way. From standing on the TEDxBrayfordPool stage, to collaborating with and critiquing Lincolnshire’s SEND services, to discovering the power that lies within the Arts, it’s safe to say disability can be the catalyst for great things.

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Image Credits: Carl Spring (1st image in slideshow), Mandi Baptist (2nd image in slideshow), Oliver Howard (3rd image in slideshow).