2019 Has to Mean Something More

Let’s be realistic. 2019 won’t consist of 365 wonderful days. You’re not gonna be awoken by your Prince Charming having magically entered the fairytale realm. And you ain’t gonna find a money tree at the bottom of your garden that has previously gone unnoticed. So quit daydreaming. It’s almost guaranteed that this year will be rocky in places. You’ll probably kiss a dozen frogs before you find someone who’s right for you. And you’ll still only have a measly 82p in your bank account this time next year.

It’s because of these highly unattainable resolutions that I don’t normally bother. I’m too much of a ‘go with the flow’ kinda girl. Having said that, I can’t shake the feeling that 2019 has to mean something more than to ‘just wing it and hope for the best’. So, here I am on New Year’s Day, writing my list of twelve resolutions (marked in bold). You got it – there’s one for each month. The beauty of publishing them is that you guys can hold me accountable if my last blog of the year is entitled ‘Resolutions: An Epic Fail’. I told you from the beginning I’d bring you along for the ride.

The first one seems materialistic, but I think it’ll set me up for the year quite nicely. I’m going to get a tattoo. You may have read my blog about my amazingly talented friend who is a tattoo artist. Well, a few weeks ago we were chatting about what I could have. We quashed the hilarious idea of having a fully-functional pair of legs inked onto my leg and decided to go for something which represents me. The next question was where to put it. Due to various factors which come under the politically incorrect umbrella of ‘inconvenient wonkiness’, there’s only one suitable place. I shall, therefore, be allowing her to brand my right arm with a quill and ink. A constant reminder of what I need to be doing in life.

The next one is going to take a lot of planning and a lot of help from my friends. I can’t tell you much about it now simply because I don’t know any details, but I’m going to organise a charity ball for the end of the year. Basically, another very talented friend of mine turned a poem I wrote into a song, and it’s perfect for an anti-bullying campaign. We’ll turn it into a music video and launch it at the ball. Time to get your glad rags on. While we’re talking about charity fundraisers, I’ll also do a sponsored walk which is likely to take me three years to complete as it’ll be similar to climbing Mount Everest. I’ll see you in 2022.

Number four is straightforward – I want to say, “hey” to a giraffe and see how we differ in height.

Five and six: You know what It’s like. How many times do the words ‘we must catch up soon’ come out of your mouth? I vow to never speak those words again unless I truly mean it. On the other hand, for those folks I haven’t seen in the past five years, let’s do coffee whilst slaloming down a ski-slope. Friendships are important. Make sure you stay connected.

These next few all roll into one. If you’re one of my regular readers, you already know what I do. If you’re new to the site and are wondering what I’m about then I’ll give you a brief overview. I’m a start-out blogger, who’s passionate about breaking down the barriers between disabled and able-bodied people. At the end of the day, we’re all human and our differences are what we all have in common. My mission is to prove that everything is possible if you want it to be. One of my goals for as long as I can remember has been to get some kind of paid work, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, I love what I do, and I genuinely think I’ve found my calling, so by the end of 2019, I am determined to be getting paid for writing and talking about disability-related issues. Perspectives need to be changed.

And lastly, some life choices. As I’m sitting here, we have 365 days left of 2019 – make every one of them count because there’s a lot to get through. Not every day has to be perfect and some days won’t be as great as others, but as long as you don’t spend the whole year rocking in a corner, you’re onto a winner. Be kind to yourself and everyone else (unless they’re an idiot). But most importantly, have a blast.

January 2, 2019 6:55 am

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