About an Anan

Here’s a poem about an Anan

The most fabulous one I know

She doesn’t even mind too much

When I run over her toe

Twenty-five years of having a granddaughter,

Now, that’s a special bond

She’ll announce to everyone who’ll listen

That I’m her only one

“Granny” was a mouthful,

But “Anan” came naturally,

And as soon as it was uttered

It fit so perfectly

Anan has the best one-liners,

Like, “I’ve met Anan before”,

And, “I made apple pie with shallots”

By now, you’ll know the score

Shopping is our favourite thing

And lunch is never a ‘maybe’,

But no excursion is complete

Without a trip to The Ladies

This is where laughter occurs,

Behind the fateful door

And we have to do our best

To not piddle on the floor

The woman is a legend

Royalty amongst the sidekicks

Happy Birthday Anan,

I hope your day is priceless!

January 21, 2019 7:00 pm

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