All Hallows Eve

In the summer she covered them well.

Her bruises, her war wounds, she did not tell.

Nobody asked, and nobody saw,

She hid in the sunlight, so very raw.

But as the autumnal equinox came,

Omniscient Nature sealed her fate.

A vision of beauty was sure to emerge,

‘Though, first, her demons had to be purged.

Amidst the cold air, came the healing,

Which numbed her pain and slowed the bleeding.

Upon this relief manifested hope.

A hunger to change; a desire to cope.

She knew that balance was key to existence.

As the nights drew in, she held no resistance,

And when the clocks fell, before their recovery,

She allowed time to make her discovery.

The mystery unravelled on All Hallows Eve,

She lowered her mask, no need to deceive.

This was a soul she’d grown to accept,

For the inner hatred, she had little respect.

Bonfire night crept, and she’d grasped what to do,

Set fire to the old and embrace the new.

Now, to feast on what Nature foresaw –

Through the Season of Death, life was reborn.

October 17, 2018 12:00 am

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