Epic Tale

Everyone has a story to be told

A destiny of old or new

But this is their epic tale

Two souls bound so true

The pair had lived before

Neither would live again

Their fate was to find each other

Before they met their end

So long she had waited

So long he had searched

Neither one knew the reason

They were once more on the Earth

So many hearts had him broken

So many hearts she had lost

She didn’t believe in love

But felt it at his cost

So as the time grew closer

Their final breath was near

The souls, they did gravitate

To live their final years

That’s a chapter in itself

One we’ll skip for now

For it matters not to the book

Or how the end plays out

Their last words were magic

A fairytale, if you will

The souls were sealed at dawn

And at dusk they’d be still

They lived days in happiness

Had family of their own

To carry on their legacy

Of how destiny is known

October 17, 2018 12:00 am

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