Hidden Name

Merlin was a Sorcerer,

A secret he kept so well.

No matter the danger that prevailed,

His magic, he could not tell

For his powers, they were banned

His destiny remained untold.

Only Guias could really know,

The path that would unfold.

So his mission to be fulfilled,

With his hidden name,

Was the protection of Arthur

And Morgana, he was to slain.

Arthur was his kismet

But the pair grew as friends

Emrys would fight for Arthur

Until the bitter end.

Through the role of servant

So much he had to learn,

About the old religion

For his practices, he would burn

But the foretold war had begun

And Emrys was the key,

To reinstate the old ways,

To bring Arthur’s legacy.

His identity was to be unleashed

And Arthur had to know

Just who Merlin really was,

His magic, he had to show.

For every life is destined

And life does not mean death

For it was through the end of Arthur,

That magic took a breath!

October 17, 2018 12:00 am

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