Through the Written Word

Maybe you’re in need of an article, review or newsletter which centres around how you’ve been striving towards disability integration? Perhaps you have an inclusive event coming up that you want to publicise and promote? Or are you looking for the personal touch in the form of a blog, written from my point of view or yours?  My experience writing for Lincolnshire County Council, the NHS, theatre production companies and local charities, means I can put pen to paper on your behalf.

Through Telling the World

Until recently, standing on stage would have had me running for the hills. But thanks to a lot of self-discovery and a big gig called TEDxBrayfordPool, I’ve caught the bug for public speaking. Thankfully, I’ve always had the gift of the gab, so if you need someone to speak about their first-hand experiences of disability and how they overcame these obstacles, then give me a shout. If you require someone to talk about a disability-related subject and how this could influence your work, then let’s talk.

Through Discovering the World

Disability or no disability, the key to breaking down barriers is discussion and creativity. Therein lies the root of authenticity. By designing inclusive workshops where you, your colleagues, friends and peers can have creative conversations about disability, diversity and everything in between, I hope to bridge the gap with collective perspectives. All workshops are individually tailored to support you to achieve your aspirations.

Still not sure if I can help?

Image credit: Carl Spring.