What a fun-filled day Monday was! I spent the morning with the lovely Sarah Hogan on Siren Radio. We talked about the sponsored walk, the charity shindig and most importantly, what both events are in aid of; Lincoln Drill Hall and the Samaritans. I'm not gonna bore you with my broken record spiel because I feel like you're all kinda desperate for me to shut up, but please check out the Written Wheel Walks and the Masquerade Ball pages, it'll be totally worth your while to support these amazing causes. And, as the Queen of Silver Linings so eloquently put it, I'll be a "right moany cow" if anything goes tits up, so do get involved if you can.

Every so often, amidst all the charity chatter, Sarah would tell me I was inspirational for deciding to take on a challenge that requires me to force my legs to do the very thing they innately won't. But being an inspiration isn't something I consider myself to be because, in my view, it's a word that's bandied about far too much. Let's face it, it won't be long before you're given a Pride of Britain Award for dragging your ass to the shops when home delivery is just a click away. Don't get me wrong, I can see why people aspire to be like me; I get free parking and the luxury of queue-jumping at Disney. Who doesn't want that?

After my morning natter, I headed straight to the gym to train for the trek, which is now only a month away. As I was lying on the floor under what I like to call, the giant guillotine, with my legs gaffer taped together and tied to the guillotine with a resistance band, I had a thought. And no, you dirty-minded bunch, it wasn't that I should audition for Fifty Shades, but it was that getting other people's perspectives on your life can be a really positive thing. I know that came out the mouth of my inner hippy, but it's true.

Sometimes, we can get so wrapped up in our own lives and caught up in the anxiety of how we're seen in the world, that we don't stop to think about the strengths we have and what we can offer as a result. Now, I'm in no way saying that I came out of my two-hour radio stint with Sarah, believing I was God's Gift, but our chat did give me food for thought.

'Inspirational' doesn't mean anything other than the highlights of your personality or what people consider to be your strengths. For instance, I look at many of my friends, Sarah included, and find myself marvelling at their stamina. They always seem to be juggling multiple projects and commitments, all whilst managing to stay sane (or at least holding it together enough to not need a straight-jacket). In comparison, my life is a breeze. I write a few blogs and go for the odd stroll, all whilst enjoying my free parking (for which I still manage to acquire several tickets).

So, when all is said and done, I think we're all inspirational in our own unique way. Wonky legs or not, we've all climbed aboard the rollercoaster of life. Some of us have hung upside down for a while, some of us have been spun around so fast that we don't know where the hell we are, and some of us have been scraped from the floor and put back on. But, congratulations, you inspirational folks, you're doing alright.

April 12, 2019 8:40 am

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