Is It CP or Is It Just Me?

Everyone has their odd quirk, but I’m noticing more and more that I seem to have plenty. It could just be the way my body works, or it could be some of the perks of having Cerebral Palsy. So, calling my fellow CP-ers; is it the CP or is it just me?

The one where I jump (a lot):

You know when you watching a scary moving and you’re sitting on the edge of your seat, hiding behind a cushion? Well, take that scenario and apply it to life. I can be sitting there, minding my own business and the heating will click on or a cat will come through the cat flap and I have to be scraped off the ceiling. I see someone approaching the front door or simply standing in front of me and I fly out my seat at a million miles per hour as soon as they knock or utter a whisper. My friends have even gone so far as to warn me they’re going to make me jump and I’ll still jump when they do. There’re reasons I haven’t seen It at the cinema; apart from the fact I hate clowns, by the end of the film I’d need a matchbox to travel home in. Sometimes, even during the tamest chick-flick, I act as though I’ve been shot at the hint of the slightest bang. So, is it CP or is it just me?

The one where I can’t handle the heat:

Everyone knows it’s daft to down a cuppa right after the kettle has boiled, but I bet not many of you have to wait half an hour to drink it. It’s like I burn myself at the first sign of a steaming kettle and who knows what would happen if I had to rescue a bubbling pan from the hob. Skin-grafts at the ready, I think. But this extends to heat of any kind. In the height of summer when everyone is basking in the rays, I’m sweating buckets and melting in the corner. And when it’s snowing, I’m toasty in a t-shirt. It’s a bit strange, considering I’m immobile and have poor circulation. My toes are a deep shade of purple, but the rest of me is cosy. So, is it CP or is it just me?

The one where I have no energy:

I genuinely think I might be unintentionally playing the disabled card here, so tell me if you think I’m taking the piss. But there are days when I have enough energy to lend out to the world and his mate, and there are days when my brain works slower than a slug. There are moments when I could climb Everest and moments when I’d go headfirst down the stairs – metaphorically speaking, of course. This poses an issue because I can’t ever plan for how much I can get done in a day. So, is it CP or is it just me?

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September 12, 2019 9:41 am

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