Making the Most of the Outdoors

You’ve spent most of the year in the classroom learning, or in your bedroom revising and staring at books and computer screens. Now the summer is here, and you’ve got a little less on your plate, it’s time to get outside, enjoy the fine weather and relax.

Being outdoors is a fantastic way to spend your leisure time, and it has many benefits too. It has been proven that relaxation and exercise in this atmosphere will expand your short-term memory and attention span and increase your ability to problem solve. There’s even evidence to suggest that it can improve your reading and maths. As far as your school work is concerned, it’s safe to say that surrounding yourself by nature is likely to aid your success.

Mother Nature has a lot to offer your social life too. Outdoor hobbies can undoubtedly broaden your friendship circle by immersing you in a potentially diverse community. In turn, this will enable you to practice your team building and networking skills while relaxing and doing something you love.

Submerging yourself in a natural environment will also work wonders for a positive state of mind. A simple stroll through the woods or along a beach will decrease levels of stress and depression. By helping you to put life into perspective and allowing you to focus on the present moment, the great outdoors will boost your overall happiness.

The benefits of relaxing in the open air will become a lifestyle and won’t just serve you until the end of your time at NK Academy. A love of the outdoors will set you up for your future career by assisting you in high-pressure situations and giving you the power to manage your stress and continue to thrive. So do as your parents and teachers always tell you – get outside and enjoy the fresh air!


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August 13, 2018 12:00 am

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