Many Wheels

I met a guy on the train today.

He asked about my chair.

“Tell me everything you know” he said

“I need to be sitting just there”.

He told me his condition meant

He struggled to get around.

He told me he played several sports,

But his goals didn’t leave the ground

After imparting all my knowledge

About my many wheels.

The guy asked for assistance

To get on an even keel.

And I saw a glimmer in his eyes,

A sort of expectation

To help him solve world peace,

Or some other revelation.

With an unspoken apology

Like so many times before.

I can’t fix all your problems,

Or help you end all war.

I can only give what I have at the time

The same as any other

I do my best and make mistakes.

I am no miracle worker.

October 17, 2018 12:00 am

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