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So, here’s where it all began. My friends had always told me I had a way with words and a thousand stories to tell. When Written Wheel came into fruition, writing my quirky tales saved my sanity and made me realise there was a need for us all to have unsugar-coated conversations about disability. If you want to get to know me; the good, the bad and the disastrous, then grab a cuppa, pull up a pew and brace yourself. I’m unconventional, controversial and will do anything to make you laugh (and cry). I strive to live my best disabled life every day.

  • The Wandering Englishman 27/09/2019 - You know how before you hop on a plane people always feel the need to tell you horror stories and then make you promise not to fall from the sky? You know how if something’s going to happen it’ll happen to my family because we’re all fruit loops? And you know how, regardless of what… Continue Reading
  • Is It CP or Is It Just Me? 12/09/2019 - Everyone has their odd quirk, but I’m noticing more and more that I seem to have plenty. It could just be the way my body works, or it could be some of the perks of having Cerebral Palsy. So, calling my fellow CP-ers; is it the CP or is it just me?The one where I… Continue Reading
  • Never Stop Asking Questions 05/09/2019 - To the woman who told her daughter to be quiet as they walked past me the other day, thank you. Thank you for reminding me why I do what I do. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own bubble, which centres around raising disability awareness, that I forget why I started in the… Continue Reading
  • Dalek Invasion 31/08/2019 - Hey Trev,I have a pressing question and given you’re the omniscient one, I thought you’d be the guy to talk to. Were wheeled folk designed as part of a futuristic pilot scheme? I only ask because we’re heading towards the robot age and when you think about it, we’ve been resembling robots for years. Continue Reading
  • Lucky Draw 29/08/2019 - Personal Independence Payment (PIP). The benefit that was brought in to replace Disability Living Allowance. The benefit that supposedly makes living with a disability easier. Continue Reading
  • The Importance of Ballet Shoes 25/08/2019 - It started with ballet shoes. Like any stereotypical young girl, I had my heart set on becoming a Prima Ballerina. Too innocent to comprehend the challenges I’d face to get to where I needed to be, I just wanted to fit in and dance with the best of them. Continue Reading
  • What Happened? 22/08/2019 - “What’s wrong with you?” is a question I get asked a lot as a disabled person. There’re several answers to this, not all relating to my wheels, but seeing as the wheels are the most obvious problem, I generally answer according. The follow-up question to this is usually, “What happened?” To this I respond with… Continue Reading
  • Disability Awareness 18/08/2019 - What an interesting week it’s been. First, a festival, then the Edinburgh Fringe, then a day of Masquerade Ball promotion. As much as this week has been varied, there was definitely a common theme of disability awareness.You know what it’s like when you go to a festival. Continue Reading
  • More Disabled Than We Actually Are 28/07/2019 - Do you ever have those days where you feel more disabled than others? A stupid question really, especially for those of you who aren’t disabled. There’s always going to be stuff you can’t do, like opening the fridge because your wheels get in the way. Continue Reading
  • Thunderstorms Are Flatulence 25/07/2019 - Evening Trev,Can I still call you that or would you prefer God?I hope you’re not baking in this heat. Although, is that even a problem for you? Can you just go and sit on whichever cloud you want, above a country with a perfect temperature or you? Continue Reading