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So, here’s where it all began. My friends had always told me I had a way with words and a thousand stories to tell. When Written Wheel came into fruition, writing my quirky tales saved my sanity and made me realise there was a need for us all to have unsugar-coated conversations about disability. If you want to get to know me; the good, the bad and the disastrous, then grab a cuppa, pull up a pew and brace yourself. I’m unconventional, controversial and will do anything to make you laugh (and cry). I strive to live my best disabled life every day.

  • Reaching for the Moon in 2020 29/12/2019 - Blink and you’ve missed it – 2019 has gone. I’d never been the type to make New Years’ Resolutions – they meant nothing and most of the time people had given up by mid-January. However, that all changed when I decided to make this year the greatest year of my life so far, and it… Continue Reading
  • 2019 Has Been the Greatest 22/12/2019 - So, I’m going to keep this short and sweet, partly because I’m harbouring festive germs, but mostly because sometimes less is more.If I were to go through everything that’s happened this year, we’d be here till next Christmas and there’s honestly not much to say other than 2019 has been the greatest year of my… Continue Reading
  • Cripples R Us 08/12/2019 - So, I thought for your Sunday read, I’d get back to my roots a little. There’re many reasons why living with a disability is deemed less than perfect. I get it. Continue Reading
  • A Normal Relationship 24/11/2019 - The other day I was asked what I thought children and young people needed to know about relationships. On the face of it, a simple question; to have healthy and respectful ones. To know that every relationship is different because everyone brings something unique to the table in various capacities. Continue Reading
  • A Thing Called TEDx 17/11/2019 - It started with ballet shoes. Correction, it started over ten years ago, when I found myself up a mountain, butt-naked without a wheelchair and lying in a puddle of my own pee. If I hadn’t had that somewhat surreal experience, I wouldn’t have had to recount it a decade later to Andy Farenden. Continue Reading
  • Woman of the Night on Wheels 03/11/2019 - When I was about six years old, my cousins and I were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. Surrounded by friends and family, answers like; “an architect”, “a doctor”, “a lawyer”, went whizzing around the table. I was stumped. Continue Reading
  • A Surreal yet Phenomenal Whirlwind 11/10/2019 - So, do you remember that New Year’s Resolution list I’ve been living my life by for the past ten months? Well, I think I’ve nailed it in two weeks flat. There’s a lot I can’t publicise yet, but bits I can. Continue Reading
  • The Wandering Englishman 27/09/2019 - You know how before you hop on a plane people always feel the need to tell you horror stories and then make you promise not to fall from the sky? You know how if something’s going to happen it’ll happen to my family because we’re all fruit loops? And you know how, regardless of what… Continue Reading
  • Is It CP or Is It Just Me? 12/09/2019 - Everyone has their odd quirk, but I’m noticing more and more that I seem to have plenty. It could just be the way my body works, or it could be some of the perks of having Cerebral Palsy. So, calling my fellow CP-ers; is it the CP or is it just me?The one where I… Continue Reading
  • Never Stop Asking Questions 05/09/2019 - To the woman who told her daughter to be quiet as they walked past me the other day, thank you. Thank you for reminding me why I do what I do. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own bubble, which centres around raising disability awareness, that I forget why I started in the… Continue Reading