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So, here’s where it all began. My friends had always told me I had a way with words and a thousand stories to tell. When Written Wheel came into fruition, writing my quirky tales saved my sanity and made me realise there was a need for us all to have unsugar-coated conversations about disability. If you want to get to know me; the good, the bad and the disastrous, then grab a cuppa, pull up a pew and brace yourself. I’m unconventional, controversial and will do anything to make you laugh (and cry). I strive to live my best disabled life every day.

  • Dear my thirteen-year-old self 02/08/2020 - Dear thirteen-year-old me, I was asked the other day what I would tell my younger self, so on this unbelievably hot Friday afternoon of 2020, I hope this letter finds you well in 2007. Firstly, you must stop peeing at inappropriate times and in inappropriate places. Do you know how much of a reputation we… Continue Reading
  • A Whole Lotta Nothin’ 28/06/2020 - My 2am debate about what to write for you Sunday read consisted of a whole lotta nothin’. Nothing interesting has happened; no adventures have occurred. I’ve only peed myself twice this week and I’ve only almost fallen over on a handful of occasions. Which means, my fine friends, my wandering brain is 100% in the… Continue Reading
  • Corona, Equity and Virtually Anything 14/06/2020 - Image credit: Dadu Shin – “Becoming Disabled” “If you need anything - currently a virtual anything - just give me a shout.” This pretty much sums up what lockdown is, doesn’t it? We’re all in it together, virtually; virtual celebrations, virtual condolences, virtual hugs, virtual dinner dates. Virtual plans for a time when the human… Continue Reading
  • A Walk in My Shoes 07/06/2020 - With thanks to Lincolnshire One Venues, who inspired me to write this, I concocted a poem to succinctly sum up my experiences of Lockdown: Part 1. I feel it allows my inner hippie to flourish whilst illustrating what a calamity Cerebral Palsy is. A detailed reflection of Lockdown: Part 1 will be landing next week.… Continue Reading
  • Me, Myself & I 24/05/2020 - I called for you, the great Tolley public, to send in your questions about my experience of lockdown. And that's exactly what you did. For your Sunday read, I answer your quirky, philosophical and slightly insane queries. The first comes from a weird Scottish bloke who wants to know: At top speed, can your wheelchair… Continue Reading
  • It’s Been Interesting 10/05/2020 - Does anyone else have a relationship with their mum like I do with mine? The kind where the only response to the question: “How do you get along?” is an awkward pause followed by: “…It’s interesting.” Mum and I have always had banter, not so much banter, more a healthy debate. Actually, let’s be real:… Continue Reading
  • My Crippled Crony 25/04/2020 - Dear Cerebral Palsy, I suppose congratulations are in order. We live to see day 3002 of lockdown and what fun it’s been. It turns out you didn’t get the memo about social distancing because you certainly haven’t separated yourself from me. In fact, you’ve been sticking to me like glue; some folk don’t get any… Continue Reading
  • In the Current Crisis, the Toast Resembles Charcoal 05/04/2020 - On this glorious Sunday afternoon, I thought I’d make time in my hectic schedule to tell you about the excitement of my week… It was lovely chatting to you all – I’ll speak to you at the same time next week. How is lockdown treating you? Have you succumbed to watching paint dry on your… Continue Reading
  • Coronavirus Christmas 22/03/2020 - What a week it’s been: there’re no baked beans to be found anywhere. Whilst bean lovers around the UK rejoice with enough bog roll to see ‘em into 2053, us folk with common sense are left wondering which newspaper to catch our coughs in. Let’s be honest, even if we’re not the ones clearing the… Continue Reading
  • Anorexic and Disabled 08/03/2020 - I was wheeled into the psychologist’s consulting room, terrified she was going to make me eat. I’d been awake all night, haunted by the prospect of a table laden with calories. I knew my life would fall apart if she force-fed me, but then what could I do? I couldn’t run out of the door;… Continue Reading