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    The Hiking Trip

    I wrote this as an entry piece for BBC Ouch in the hopes I could perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Although I was unsuccessful, I thought it’d give you guys a giggle. Happy reading…Imagine me on a hiking trip.   Read More...

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    The Letter I Wrote

    It began when I was twelve in one of my English classes. We were asked to write about what it’d been like for us to start secondary school. Without knowing it, I’d laid all my insecurities, with regards to CP and “big school”, out on paper.   Read More...

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    Dream About Custard

    1.25 million people in the UK suffer from the disorder and ninety percent of those are women between the ages of fourteen and twenty-five.So far, I’d ticked all the boxes, but when the psychologist saw me for my assessment, I was greeted with utter shock and amazement: “Oh! You’re anorexic and disabled.” she exclaimed, whilst glaring at my wheelchair. I had now created a new box to tick.On face value, living with Anorexia Nervosa, commonly known as Ana, involved the stereotypical stuff; control ...  Read More...

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