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    Nobody Died

    The unconventional days are always the best.Friday morning came with a frantic call from my friend, who whilst on holiday, had had a staffing emergency. One of her son’s PA’s had phoned in sick which meant that Bernard would be home alone, unable to eat, drink or successfully go to the loo. I knew she was struggling because she’d essentially asked someone on wheels to go and lend a hand to someone else on wheels; a blog-worthy experience if nothing else.It wasn’t until I ...  Read More...

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    No Fatalities Occurred

    A few weeks ago, I met friends for lunch - for blog purposes, I’ll call them Bertha and Bella. I’ve known the family since Bertha and my mum bonded over the fact that they both had multiple disabled kids. Just to fill you in, three out of Bertha’s four children (of which Bella is the oldest) have a rare, yet undiagnosed condition called Leukodystrophy.   Read More...

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    When I die, I can tell someone

    Everyone knows what it’s like. We all have those days. Do you know what I mean?   Read More...

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