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    Thunderstorms Are Flatulence

    Evening Trev,Can I still call you that or would you prefer God?I hope you’re not baking in this heat. Although, is that even a problem for you? Can you just go and sit on whichever cloud you want, above a country with a perfect temperature or you?   Read More...

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    Queen of Disabled Children

    Have you heard I’m the Queen of Disabled Children? That’s right, I was wheeling to the car after a friend’s party at the weekend; blissfully unaware of my royal title when Gertrude (for the purposes of the blog) smiled at me. Of course, I smiled back because, without wanting to sound old fashioned, I think society has forgotten how to interact on the most basic level.As I got to the car, Gertrude approached from across the street.   Read More...

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