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    The Wandering Englishman

    You know how before you hop on a plane people always feel the need to tell you horror stories and then make you promise not to fall from the sky? You know how if something’s going to happen it’ll happen to my family because we’re all fruit loops? And you know how, regardless of what the situation is, I usually find myself thinking; “Damn, this will make a decent blog?” Well, my friends, what a tale I have to tell.For the most part, my recent trip to Istanbul was rat...  Read More...

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    Living My Best Disabled Life

    Over the recent weeks, I’ve unintentionally created a new hashtag, namely #LivingMyBestDisabledLife. It began when it took me and my fellow wheeled-friend twenty minutes to make half a cup of tea, which if he was totally honest, probably tasted disgusting. Instead, he just told me that it was made with love and that that was all that mattered.Come to think of it, there’re countless situations, past, present and undoubtedly future where ‘living my best disabled life’ is th...  Read More...

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    One of a Kind

    Hey there, Written Wheelies, I survived, I’m in one piece, and have such an epic tale to tell you. As some of you may be aware, last week was the annual occurrence of the family holiday. Generally, this consists of lavish pub crawls combined with really early mornings as we are awoken by the song of Kenneth, and at some point, handbags at dawn.   Read More...

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