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    Reaching for the Moon in 2020

    Blink and you’ve missed it – 2019 has gone. I’d never been the type to make New Years’ Resolutions – they meant nothing and most of the time people had given up by mid-January. However, that all changed when I decided to make this year the greatest year of my life so far, and it has been beautifully, chaotically, great.   Read More...

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    Disability Awareness

    What an interesting week it’s been. First, a festival, then the Edinburgh Fringe, then a day of Masquerade Ball promotion. As much as this week has been varied, there was definitely a common theme of disability awareness.You know what it’s like when you go to a festival.   Read More...

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    Equality, Integration and Multi-Morbidity

    If you’re disabled, you’ll know that almost every professional has a tendency to assign any problem you may have to your disability. You go to the doctors with a common cold and it’s automatically a symptom of cerebral palsy. Essentially, it’s the easiest box to tick because no further investigations need to be carried out.   Read More...

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    When Stardust Did Grease

    If you know anything about me, you’ll know I have a hunger for creativity and a love for anything that exudes inclusivity, integration and diversity. So, if you put me in a room where all the above are happening, I’m guaranteed to be in my element… On Thursday, I took a front row seat as Stardust Theatre Group performed their musical, Summer Nights. It was an hour filled with flair, enthusiasm and a lot of Greased Lightnin’.   Read More...

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    We Have Black People

    I heard of a tale where a Headteacher was so overjoyed when his school became home to pupils who were of African ethnicity, he would tell anyone who cared to listen, “We have black people!” In this day and age, it sounds like an utterly offensive and crazy thing to have said, especially considering it wasn’t an isolated incident. The same guy was once showing a prospective pupil around his school and he went to shake hands; which was all well and good until he realised the boy ...  Read More...

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