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    London: Solo Style

    The beauty of finding your independence is that you push boundaries, hope for the best and, in general, wing it. On Saturday, I went to London – solo style.The problem with me is I can’t say “no” to anything, so when I received an invitation to participate in a research project which is run by University College London, in collaboration with National Children’s Bureau, the answer was obviously “yes”. I love the work NCB do, and any research project that&...  Read More...

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    Dear My Future Red Head

    Dear My Future Red Head,I guess this is an advert calling all potential love interests. The idea came as a result of many conversations I’ve had with friends. We figured if we got the word out there, I wouldn’t remain a single pringle forever.   Read More...

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    One Week Out of the Closet

    I’ve only been out of the closet for a week and the reactions I’ve had from people have been 100% blog-worthy. Some of you may have caught the original blog before I had to edit it for reasons that I cannot disclose. If this is the case, it’ll all make perfect sense to you.   Read More...

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    I Like a Good Time as Well

    Dating is tricky at the best of times but dating with a disability is even harder. I can only speak from my own perspective, but there’s so much more to contend with, such as my wheelchair shaped barrier. As with any social interaction, there’s generally an instant sense of fear emulating from the other person.   Read More...

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    Adam and Steve

    Alright, Trev,How are you, mate? Long time, no hear. How’s the management of Earth coming along?   Read More...

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    Snow White: In Reality

    Fairytales. You know the drill. A damsel in distress spends the entire storyline metaphorically wrestling with an evil, matriarchal character.   Read More...

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