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    A Thing Called TEDx

    It started with ballet shoes. Correction, it started over ten years ago, when I found myself up a mountain, butt-naked without a wheelchair and lying in a puddle of my own pee. If I hadn’t had that somewhat surreal experience, I wouldn’t have had to recount it a decade later to Andy Farenden.   Read More...

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    Giraffes, Bus Stops and Idiots

    So, it’s a Wednesday afternoon (Thursday evening by the time you read this), it’s raining in the same way that it has done all week and I have nothing interesting to say. Since we last spoke, I have written and replied to emails, sorted out my abysmal finances, and attended meetings. I mean, the meetings were productive, but there’s nothing to report on just yet.   Read More...

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    What a fun-filled day Monday was! I spent the morning with the lovely Sarah Hogan on Siren Radio. We talked about the sponsored walk, the charity shindig and most importantly, what both events are in aid of; Lincoln Drill Hall and the Samaritans.   Read More...

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    Living with a Disability

    Yesterday, my friend and I were invited to talk to Health and Social Care students about what it’s like living with a disability. This is a topic we could both talk about for hours, boring everyone to death in the process, so the students pre-planned their questions for us. They were a lovely bunch of people and they all seemed genuinely interested in what we had to say, but you what it’s like when you get chatting, we ran out of time.   Read More...

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    Another Interesting and Quirky Story

    On Sunday, I joined 143 hopefuls who were auditioning to be a presenter on BBC Radio Lincolnshire. The advert for Be the One said the ideal candidate should be ‘full of energy, personality and have an authentic voice of Lincolnshire’. The audition process was simple; turn up, sign up, and be able to tell an interesting story that lasts 60 seconds.   Read More...

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