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    Woman of the Night on Wheels

    When I was about six years old, my cousins and I were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. Surrounded by friends and family, answers like; “an architect”, “a doctor”, “a lawyer”, went whizzing around the table. I was stumped.   Read More...

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    A Surreal yet Phenomenal Whirlwind

    So, do you remember that New Year’s Resolution list I’ve been living my life by for the past ten months? Well, I think I’ve nailed it in two weeks flat. There’s a lot I can’t publicise yet, but bits I can.   Read More...

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    Living with a Disability

    Yesterday, my friend and I were invited to talk to Health and Social Care students about what it’s like living with a disability. This is a topic we could both talk about for hours, boring everyone to death in the process, so the students pre-planned their questions for us. They were a lovely bunch of people and they all seemed genuinely interested in what we had to say, but you what it’s like when you get chatting, we ran out of time.   Read More...

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