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    One of a Kind

    Hey there, Written Wheelies, I survived, I’m in one piece, and have such an epic tale to tell you. As some of you may be aware, last week was the annual occurrence of the family holiday. Generally, this consists of lavish pub crawls combined with really early mornings as we are awoken by the song of Kenneth, and at some point, handbags at dawn.   Read More...

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    The Meaning of Life: It's as Clear as Mud

    Dear Jo – our resident writer in a wheelchair,My sincerest apologies for the delay in response. You were right to say that we had a backlog of things to do and considering Trevor has no idea how to turn a computer on, let alone retrieve things from the Cloud, I am his secretary, general dog’s body, and better half.You, like many before you and probably many after you, wrote to Trevor asking him to explain the meaning of life. The truth is, he doesn’t really know.   Read More...

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    The Meaning of Life

    Dear Trevor – can I call you that? You have so many names within different faiths, and in all honesty, God seems a tad formal.I'm writing to you because I asked my Written Wheelies what they wanted me to blog about, and one of them suggested, “the meaning of life”. I’m not too sure I can do the topic justice, so I thought I’d come to you.   Read More...

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    No Fatalities Occurred

    A few weeks ago, I met friends for lunch - for blog purposes, I’ll call them Bertha and Bella. I’ve known the family since Bertha and my mum bonded over the fact that they both had multiple disabled kids. Just to fill you in, three out of Bertha’s four children (of which Bella is the oldest) have a rare, yet undiagnosed condition called Leukodystrophy.   Read More...

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