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    Equality, Integration and Multi-Morbidity

    If you’re disabled, you’ll know that almost every professional has a tendency to assign any problem you may have to your disability. You go to the doctors with a common cold and it’s automatically a symptom of cerebral palsy. Essentially, it’s the easiest box to tick because no further investigations need to be carried out.   Read More...

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    London: Solo Style

    The beauty of finding your independence is that you push boundaries, hope for the best and, in general, wing it. On Saturday, I went to London – solo style.The problem with me is I can’t say “no” to anything, so when I received an invitation to participate in a research project which is run by University College London, in collaboration with National Children’s Bureau, the answer was obviously “yes”. I love the work NCB do, and any research project that&...  Read More...

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