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    Never Stop Asking Questions

    To the woman who told her daughter to be quiet as they walked past me the other day, thank you. Thank you for reminding me why I do what I do. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own bubble, which centres around raising disability awareness, that I forget why I started in the first place.   Read More...

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    What Happened?

    “What’s wrong with you?” is a question I get asked a lot as a disabled person. There’re several answers to this, not all relating to my wheels, but seeing as the wheels are the most obvious problem, I generally answer according. The follow-up question to this is usually, “What happened?” To this I respond with a well-rehearsed one-liner stating that part of my brain died at birth, hence the Cerebral Palsy.   Read More...

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    I'm Not An Alien

    For your Sunday morning read, I thought I’d address the classic questions that have been thrown in the general direction of my wheels. To be honest, some of the best aren’t even questions – they’re just epic one-liners. The thing they all have in common?   Read More...

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