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    As many of you know, last Sunday I completed a mile and a half sponsored walk for Lincoln Drill Hall and Lincoln Samaritans. I’d spent months training to get my dysfunctional, uncooperative limbs ready for the challenge and I’d be lying if I said it all went to plan; it didn’t. It took me five hours which included one very pivotal moment when I thought my life was going to come to an abrupt halt.   Read More...

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    What a fun-filled day Monday was! I spent the morning with the lovely Sarah Hogan on Siren Radio. We talked about the sponsored walk, the charity shindig and most importantly, what both events are in aid of; Lincoln Drill Hall and the Samaritans.   Read More...

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    Stream of Consciousness: Life is Beautiful

    Have you ever had one of those weeks where it's just been inexplicably stressful for no reason? There have been staffing issues, masquerade ball issues, and generally one hundred things to do with no time to do them in. Everybody wants you to be in a certain place at a certain time and to be in a certain mood.   Read More...

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