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    About an Anan

    Here’s a poem about an AnanThe most fabulous one I knowShe doesn’t even mind too muchWhen I run over her toeTwenty-five years of having a granddaughter,Now, that’s a special bondShe’ll announce to everyone who’ll listenThat I’m her only one“Granny” was a mouthful,But “Anan” came naturally,And as soon as it was utteredIt fit so perfectlyAnan has the best one-liners,Like, “I’ve met Anan before”,And, “I made apple p...  Read More...

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    It's Their Fault

    “It’s their fault”, that’s what you sayThey need to change the rules in order for you to playBut what if, sometimes, you met them in the middleExplained your situation, to them, it’s a riddleSee, here’s what I think, you’ve overreactedAssuming there’s hate, you have self-brandedGiven yourself a label, that one you despiseNow you’re the outcast, but not in their eyes.Don’t get me wrong, there’re idiots in this worldShouting abuse, and to you it is hurledBut most people just aren’t awareSo, it’s d...  Read More...

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