Stream of Consciousness: Life is Beautiful

Have you ever had one of those weeks where it's just been inexplicably stressful for no reason? There have been staffing issues, masquerade ball issues, and generally one hundred things to do with no time to do them in. Everybody wants you to be in a certain place at a certain time and to be in a certain mood. I'm not moaning, well I am a little bit, but everyone has those weeks.

It was so nice to be back at the gym on Monday. The week off I'd had for my eventful excursion felt like an entire year. I crashed through the door at Elite Fit and immediately told Lee I needed to be stretched, and that for once it would be my legs giving him a workout and not the other way around. Surprisingly, this went really well because I wasn't as tight as I thought I was going to be, and after a light workout for my arms to get them back into shape, I left feeling slightly more optimistic than I had when I'd arrived.

It was Wednesday and, once again, I was at the gym. After a quick photo-shoot with Lee which illustrated for the sponsorship tins my journey from chair, to standing, to walking, and the integral part he has to play within this, it was time to get to work. This time the form of torture came in the shape of a Zimmer frame. I know this sounds irrelevant because I walk with a K-walker, but on the grounds that the walker is essentially a back to front Zimmer frame, it offers me more support for safety but unintentionally makes me lazy.

So, there I was, shuffling across the gym at a pace that could be entered into the Guinness World Records as the slowest creep in the history of mankind. It suddenly dawned on me that my four dysfunctional limbs have never had to work together to keep me upright because I've always been able to trust that there's a piece of equipment stopping me from hitting the floor. Sure, they've made a massive improvement in their ability to function independently, but they're not so good at communicating together. This meant that the biggest contributing factor to my slow shuffle was the argument that was continuously occurring between my legs, arms, back, and neck which left me not knowing what to do with any of them and momentarily forgetting how to move forward.  Midway through the session, I had the epiphany that your body isn't designed to fail you, and whilst I realise that it sometimes does, everything within its nature is rooting for you to stay standing and keep going. Once you learn to trust in that, more often than not, it will prove to be true, and if all else fails, rest assured in the knowledge that the people around you won't let you fall.

Thursday was the most eventful day yet as it consisted of a trip to see some horses. Having walked to the car with the glass-half-full approach of being able to hike across a field, we set off in the hopes that the horses would be up for visitors. We were halfway there, and Rachel announced that the field would be too much like a swamp for me to wade through. But being the real-life version of Popeye, she said we'd manage, even if she had to drag me. It wasn't until we reached the field gates that she realised she'd forgotten her key. At this point, I was quite happy to sit in the car and wait for her to say 'hey' to the horses on her own but she was determined that I was going to meet them, and with that I was hauled out of the car and on a mission to somehow make it across the field come what may.

I don't have the words to fully convey the hilarity of what happened next, but there were a lot of firsts. I managed to balance on a gate as Rachel heave-hoed me over it, my shoes got officially muddy as we trudged through the sludge, we almost fell down a hole which was cleverly camouflaged as grass, and I sat propped up against a caravan like a homeless person crossed with my inner hippy. But as I sat in the middle of nowhere with the horses, who were tucking into their hay, I successfully de-stressed, rebalanced and wrote half of this blog. The thing is life doesn't promise to be plain sailing, but it won't stay turbulent forever. Trust in yourself and your ability to figure everything out because for every problem there's a solution. It'll be okay in the end, and if not then drink vodka (I've heard it works a treat).

Anyway, to finish your week with a chuckle, as I was rambling back towards the car, I slipped in the mud and found it so funny that I peed in the middle of the field.

Life is beautiful!

March 17, 2019 1:49 pm

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