The Jellicle Ball

There’s nothing to review because it was simply phenomenal. Considering tickets for DTC Production Company’s CATS sold out long before opening night, it appears the entirety of Lincoln had high hopes for the show and their expectations were certainly surpassed.

CATS, which premiered in 1981, has become one of the longest-running shows in both the West End and on Broadway. Andrew Lloyd Webber created an award-winning musical upon the foundations of T.S Eliot’s collection of whimsical poems about the psychology of cats. For almost forty years, we have internationally and unashamedly been a crazed clowder of feline fanatics. To heighten what was already an epidemic, since Tuesday, DTC have hosted the Jellicle Ball on the Lincoln Drill Hall stage. In turn, our city is still experiencing a state of hypnosis as the Cats continue to whisper their third names, and in all honesty, we don’t want to be awoken.

Being several decades late to the party and having not seen CATS before, I didn’t have any preconceptions of what the show would entail, apart from maybe featuring a cat or two. Luckily for me, I’m known locally as the Crazy Cat Lady, so I knew it’d be my kind of thing. However, from the moment the performance began, it was so much more than just a few cats singing on stage. DTC had the creatures swinging from the ceiling, skulking on the floor and thus offering a whole new perspective into what is evidently a cat’s world.

The set was stunning, the costumes were superb, but nothing could’ve outshone the passion that came cascading from the cast. Through an abundance of energy, the acrobatics of dance and voices that will give Jennifer Hudson a run for her money, the Cats were introduced. One by one, they pounced forward in magnificent musical splendour to tell us their tales. From the notorious Macavity, to the egotistical Rum Tum Tugger, to the magical Mr Mistoffelees, we fell in love with their stories. The gifted young actors had the audience captivated by their portrayal of the Cats and their quests to be the proclaimed Jellicle Choice. Although only Grizabella was able to journey towards better a better life in the Heaviside Layer, it’s clear from the talent on stage that this CATS tribe have a bright future ahead of them.

A year in the making and DTC have given the people of Lincoln VIP tickets to the greatest Ball there will ever be, and we are all honoured. Speaking to BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s Carla Greene on Friday, our CATS Producer, Jamie Marcus said; “It’s fantastic… I’m absolutely delighted at this production”. Given the continued success of the company’s summer musicals, you’d better keep an eye on the Lincoln Drill Hall website. Tickets for next year’s West Side Story extravaganza will go on sale very soon.

Photo Credit Steve Smailes @ the Lincolnite for DTC Productions Ltd

July 21, 2019 7:00 pm

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