Thursday's Child

Mirror, mirror

We've been here before.

I have listened.

But you know the score.

You know where you should be

Not where you are,

We, Thursday's child

Will travel so far.

But, you my dear,

Have come to a halt.

You must move on

And look for no faults.

Yes, you've had it rough

It's been hard, I know

Now, step forward

Or, our future will go.

We will still live.

That is a given,

But our path will change

And we will be driven

By hurt from the hope

Of what once could have been

Failing to remember

The reality of dreams.

So realise the writer

That spark within you

Hello. I'm here.

This is your proof.

As a wise woman has shown.

In life, there's a way.

To flourish and grow,

And blossom in fate.

October 17, 2018 12:00 am

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