True Story: Nathan

In this blog series, Adam Fox and I shall be delving into the world of disability with honest opinions and realistic perspectives. These real-life accounts will uncover what it’s like living in a world where a disability is the first thing most people notice. We will tell you the true story of the person behind the disability. 


Nathan’s True Story.


Nathan is thirty-years-old. He lives independently. He loves to swim and listen to music. Most importantly though, he’s madly in love with his fiancé, Lucy. Nathan also has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and a visual impairment.

It’s human nature to have bad days and feel down about certain aspects of life. Nathan is exactly the same. Sure, the reasons he gets frustrated and sad can be because he doesn’t want to be put to bed at a set time, or because he doesn’t like the fact that people have to do so much to help him – personal care, for instance. This said, many of the times when Nathan feels low, it’s due to things like loneliness or missing people who have passed away. That’s normal. Right?

Having lived with Cerebral Palsy since birth, Nathan’s condition means he’s a full-time wheelchair user and he needs assistance with everything from getting up to going to bed. He currently uses a hoist to complete his transfers from position to position and has support staff to aid him with all of this. But don’t you dare feel sorry for him!

A fun-loving guy, Nathan lives life to the fullest and he adores everyone in it. Make friends with him and you’ll have a friend for eternity. Many of the people considered to be most influential are people he’s met as a result of his disability; Adam, Tori, Jess and Charley to name just a few. However, it goes without saying that his mum, Karan and his fiancé, Lucy, are his entire world.

Nathan has a social life which is far greater than that of your average Joe. He’s an amateur sailor, he’s part of an acting class, and he goes dancing once a month at a club which is specially equipped for people with disabilities. Aside from all of this, making memories with Lucy is very much at the forefront of his leisure time. They have been on several holidays together; most recently they spent the weekend at Butlins hob-knobbing with TV star, comedian and magician, Stephen Mulhern. In between making themselves known to celebrities and going on romantic cruises, they enjoy dinner dates, going to concerts and hanging out with their mutual friends.

Nathan’s zest for life is an excellent illustration of how disability shouldn’t define someone but enhance them. Like any other groom to be, Nathan dreams of walking down the aisle for his fiancé. He’s determined that with a lot of physiotherapy and continued practice of walking in water (which he will eventually transfer to solid ground), his dream will become a reality!

Nathan’s message is not to be afraid of someone with a disability and not to be ignorant of them. If you want to know something, ask him. He may be in a wheelchair, but we all have differences and those are the things that make us unique.

This is Nathan’s true story.

November 2, 2018 11:26 am

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