Truest Form

One finger on the wheel,

The curse was brought upon.

But the Dragon had saved her,

From the life to come.

Maleficent was not evil.

But, this myth had grown in time.

For they’d not stopped to think,

About the reasons behind her crime.

The Dragon was mistaken,

Her heart was made of gold.

The King’s, it was tainted.

To the Kingdom, it was sold.

So, Maleficent, she was outcast

She couldn’t ever fit in,

For she saw its truest form,

That world was full of sin.

But the birth of Aurora,

Made the Dragon’s heart melt.

She couldn’t bear the child,

To have the same cards dealt.

Maleficent had to act.

A spell, she quickly cast

Aurora was destined to fall asleep,

But the conjure would only last…

Until the Dragon awoke her,

With her breath of fire.

And the pair would live happily,

With all that they desire.

So, my dear readers,

This lesson must be learnt

Not every tale is as it appears,

The truth, it cannot burn.

October 17, 2018 12:00 am

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