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On Sunday 12th May at 1pm, all four of my dysfunctional limbs will be attempting to complete a sponsored walk in aid of the two amazing charities detailed below. Always one for setting myself near-impossible goals, my 1.5-mile trek will hopefully be done and dusted in an hour and a half. 

Your support means so much to me and the charities, so thank you in advance for sponsoring my cause. Please feel free to check out the charities' websites, follow my progress by reading my blogs,,follow Written Wheel on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Feel free to check out the Written Wheel Walks Facebook page and come to show your support on the day. Details below:

Lincoln Samaritans - Charity Number: 219432

Lincoln Drill Hall -Charity Number 1137366

1 PM on Sunday 12th May 2019 at Whisby Nature Park, Thorpe on the Hill, Lincoln, LN6 9BW

All sponsors made through the website (via PayPal) will be split between the two charities, Please be aware that if you choose this method , transaction fees will occur. However, rest assured that I will cover the shortfall myself to ensure the charities receive the funds you intended.

If you wish to sponsor me through Be a Brick, by other means, or if you'd rather donate after I have walked, please use the  'contact me.' page to send me a message. 

Please note that all donations must be given by Sunday 9th June 2019.

Be a Brick!

In this day and age, its difficult for charities to stay a float with all the funding cuts the government have made. Lincoln Drill Hall, are facing closure due to these cuts, and have launched a campaign, Be a Brick, so that we, the public can help keep a well loved arts centre open and thriving.

The thing about the Drill Hall it is not just an arts centre, it is an all-inclusive, safe, accessible space for the community to enjoy there range of performances and events, whilst also hosting an affordable cafe to get together. They are passionate about nurturing and showcasing talent no matter the circumstances. 

The situation is far to complicated for me to explain it to you. So please take the time to watch the video below.

Video courtesy of Lincoln Drill Hall. 

Instead of sponsoring me direct why not make a annual donation to continuously support Lincoln Drill Hall for just £10 a Brick. If you are kind enough to sponsor this way, i will repay the favour, by walking 1 mile for every brick which is purchased with the comment 'Written Wheel Walks'.

Find out more about how to Be a Brick!

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